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Create subjects, courses, and sections with infinite combinations of term, day, and period schedules. Easily associate teachers with each section.

Create Subject and Course

Create Subject, Courses, Course Sections, and schedule student to a specific course section. Assign Periods, Sections, Meeting Days, and Rooms, and Teachers to a course section.

Set Multiple Subject Part

Save course with number of parts as more than 1 and add course parts for each course fields.

Add Class Details

Link the course section with Period, Premise, Room, and Meeting Days. The Occurrence section can have multiple records.

Assign/Reassign Teacher

Assign or reassign one or more primary, master teachers, or other teacher in the selected course section.  

Single Mobile App for Parents, Staff & Students

MarkersPro offers its customers a comprehensive single mobile app for parents, students & staff. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.