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Create and maintain in-depth student records, while making security a priority. Students can get real-time updates from the school and access their own information from the student login.

Customize Menu

Customizable feature assist students to develop, organize, be accurate, and find logical ways to categorize menus. Custom fields can be created under the groups in specific tabs or sections.

Manage Screening Status

Record student’s hearing, vision, and dental screening details before entering the school to detect a problem and its severity of the condition.

Record Incident

Health Incident feature tracks and record the health incidents of the student happened in the school premises.

Medical Record Administrator

MarkersPro SIS is an induced with modern technology to manage student health. The health visit option allows a school to record and track vital sign and all the health visit of a student.

Re-enroll Student

Activate the inactive students who have exited the school before but wants to enroll again.