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Achieving Academic Excellence with MarkersPro Course Management System

Jul 21. 2023
Achieving Academic Excellence with MarkersPro Course Management System
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An engaging course management system is indeed crucial for creating a positive and productive learning environment. A system like MarkersPro, with its advanced features, can greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for both educators and students with its course management module. 

MarkersPro course management system is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that intends to introduce schools with advanced course modules that can transform the education quality of the school. With this future-ready platform, schools can create powerful and constructive syllabus and courses that are beneficial for both the school and students. 

MarkersPro engages schools in creating courses, course parts, class occurrence details, designing the lesson plan, assigning individual or multiple teachers for a course, viewing scheduled students, adding weightage, and more. 

Let’s learn how our MarkersPro’s advanced course module can ensure a secure future for your school and the students. So, without further ado, let’s delve in. 

Seamless Subject Add-on 

Creating subject groups and subjects is a basic step for having smooth and advanced course functionality. And MarkersPro course management system helps school administrators to create different subject groups and subjects swiftly with minimum steps. The software allows the admin to enter the title, code, description, department, and select an icon appropriate to the subject and create the subject quickly. 

Associate Classes 

As the best course management system, MarkersPro enables school admin to associate classes with the created subject effortlessly. School admin can select the subject type as core, optional, and additional and select the grade scale while associating the class. 

In addition, MarkersPro allows the admin to add as many parts required for the subject and set the pre-requisite subject knowledge for effortless functionality. The added classes are approved for GPA calculation and exam purposes. 

Create Class Details 

Class details play an important role in helping students to get an overview of the class occurrence. And MarkersPro course management system engages school admin to set the class occurrence such as the classroom, period, premise, instructional language, delivery mode, subject type, grade scale, active weekdays, start date, end date, start time, and end time of the class. 

Assign Teachers 

Assigning teachers is quick, smooth, and effortless with our MarkersPro. This software enables the school admin to assign teachers for any class by selecting the teacher and entering the class, start, and end date while adding class occurrence details. 

In addition to this, MarkersPro allows school admin to assign multiple teachers for a particular class and section altogether. The admin needs to filter out a few fields and select the teachers before assigning multiple teachers in one go. 

Create Lesson Plan 

MarkersPro assists the school admin to create an effective lesson plan for the students that works for their academic growth. This feature allows the admin to create the assignment, homework, and notes as a lesson plan that makes the entire learning process fun and educational. 

Check Performance Analytics 

As the best course management system, MarkersPro provides a striking feature like performance analytics. Through this feature, school admin can keep track of the performance of the students class-wise and section-wise. The performance analytics displays the maximum, average, and minimum scores and the standard deviation that helps the admin to view the performance comparison in terms of the subjects. 

Additionally, the admin can track the marking period-wise section or class performance which keeps them informed and ensures necessary steps to improve the performance scale of the students. 

Upload Study Material 

MarkersPro course management system enables school administrators to upload study materials for various courses and course parts which aids students in attempting the lesson effortlessly. The admin only requires you to add the title, type, select the material file and upload that for a better understanding of the students. 

To summarize, as the best course management system, MarkersPro helps schools in crafting the most effective and advanced course module that uplifts the betterment of the students and helps them to gain more knowledge and achieve higher success. MarkersPro course management system is important to ensure faster, smoother, and effortless course module functionality.