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How MarkersPro Student Information System Simplifies Course Management in Schools

Mar 17. 2023
How MarkersPro Student Information System Simplifies Course Management in Schools
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An engaging and learning-oriented course should be designed to challenge students to think critically and develop their problem-solving skills. The course tailored for students should include activities that are both fun and educational. MarkersPro does the same by introducing a simple but effective course management system for the school. 

MarkersPro Student Information System (SIS) is a comprehensive solution for K12 schools. MarkersPro helps teachers in creating engaging and effective course modules that ensure the progress of both the school and the student. 

Let’s explore how MarkersPro can simplify course management for schools. 

πŸ‘ Create Multiple Subject Groups & Subject 

MarkersPro enables teachers to create multiple subject groups and subjects for different classes. The system allows them to add the subject group and subjects by providing minimal information. School admin can enter the title, code, description, department name, and subject icon suitable for the subject, and create the subject easily. Additionally, the admin can view, edit, and delete existing subject groups and subjects without any hassle. 

πŸ‘ Associate Subject Parts and Section 

Associating subject parts and sections for any subject is no longer tough with the MarkersPro. School administrators can set as many parts required for any subject by entering a few pieces of information. The system assists the school admin in enabling the subject parts for exam purposes and GPA calculation. Moreover, they can set prerequisite subject knowledge also. MarkersPro allows schools to associate classes or sections for any subject by selecting them without any trouble.β€―β€― 

πŸ‘ Seamless Class Details 

Class details help students to understand a few basic things and the occurrence of the classes easily. The system allows school administrators to set the instructional language, delivery mode, subject type, etc. Additionally, the school admin can add the occurrence of the class by entering the period, room no, premise, type, start date and end date, and days of the event, and enable attendance. 

Further, the system helps schools to assign or reassign more than one primary or secondary teacher department-wise. School admin can reassign a new teacher replacing the existing teacher seamlessly. 

πŸ‘ Create Lesson Plan 

MarkersPro supports school administrators to create lesson plans conveniently for the subject. School admin can set multiple lesson plans such as assignments, and homework and students can easily attempt those. Additionally, the assigned teacher can add notes for the subject and the school admin can view the added notes without any hassle. 

πŸ‘ Upload Study Materials 

As study materials aid students in attempting the subject or subject parts, MarkersPro provides the solution by enabling school admin to upload study materials related to the subject or subject parts. School administrators require entering the title, and type of the material, selecting and uploading it without much effort. 

To conclude, MarkersPro assists schools in creating an effective, progressive, and learning-oriented course. Thus, the system ensures a bright and better future for the students.β€―