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School Discipline Management with MarkersPro Student Information System

Mar 03. 2023
School Discipline Management with MarkersPro Student Information System
School Discipline Management Software SIS CORE

One of the key indicators of a good school is the level of discipline among its students. Today, schools are increasingly relying on discipline management tools to help them manage school discipline, a challenging task that requires a lot of time and effort. And that is where MarkersPro is a savior. 

MarkersPro student information system platform is a cloud-hosted system that brings a transformation in educational institutes. The system aids schools to manage all the schoolwork without any hassle and streamlines productivity. MarkersPro is an ideal solution for K-12 schools that seeks discipline management. With this future-ready platform, schools can maintain the discipline that ensures a better and healthy school environment while focusing on the growth of the schools. 

Let’s see how MarkersPro can assist schools in discipline management. 


πŸ‘ Seamless Report Incident 

MarkersPro helps school administrators, staff, parents, and students to report incidents through the Report Incident module. This module allows and victim, to add a description and add the incident. This allows school management to take further action on the reported incident and users to enter the incident date and time, search and select the perpetrator allowing the school community to view the reported incident and check its status. 

πŸ‘ Incident Approval Function 

The Incident Approval feature is used to ensure that all incidents are properly documented and approved before they are acted upon. This process is designed to ensure that incidents are handled in a timely and efficient manner and that all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of the organization. 

With the Incident Approval feature, school admins have the authority to approve or decline any reported incident. Once the admin has made their decision, staff, parents, and students can check the status of the incident.  

πŸ‘ Manage Incident  

The Manage Incident feature is an essential part of discipline management, allowing schools to create incidents that occurred within the school premises. The system allows administrators to enter important information about the incident, such as the date and time of the incident, incident type, behavior, location, injury, and weapon details. Additionally, administrators can add details about any internal or external reporters, victims, perpetrators, or witnesses, providing a comprehensive overview of the reported incident. 

πŸ‘ Maintain Student Discipline 

The Student Discipline module enables school administrators to take disciplinary action against reported incidents. Administrators can select the student(s) involved, the type of disciplinary action to be taken, the start and end dates of the action, the school to which the discipline is assigned, and other relevant information. Additionally, administrators can select IDEA Interim Removal or IDEA Interim Removal Reason, and Discipline Method of Children with Disabilities, to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. 

To conclude, the MarkersPro system is designed to help schools maintain a safe and healthy environment by providing a comprehensive system for managing discipline and taking prompt and appropriate action in the event of any incident. The goal of the system is to promote a positive atmosphere that will foster growth and balance within the school.