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School Management System Guide

Jan 13. 2023
School Management System Guide
School Management System SIS CORE

What is school management system software? 

The pandemic is the sole reason for the drastic change in the education industry over the past 2 years. This has certainly encouraged the dependency on school management software and the increasing number of its application bear witness to it. 

The school management system is an incredible solution tool to promote K12 school growth. This works as the platform for managing schoolwork with more clarity and efficiency. The school management system encourages digitalization and automation processes for the school and enables them to take care of administrative and academic purposes while achieving the school goal. 


The prime aim of the school management system is to manage bulk vital student data and exclude the manual process of adding and storing sensitive student data with more security. The system is designed to enable school management to get rid of workload and save more time. In addition, this system is the perfect amalgamation of several important features that work endlessly to provide the schools with the best solution only. The school management system is beneficial for school admin, staff, students, and parents. The system not only assists school admin to achieve their goal but also aids parents to keep track of the academic 

progress of their children.

Additionally, teachers can take online classes easily and assign new assignments and grade them. Students can complete their tasks and connect with peers and review assignments.  


The system is cost-effective for schools and works efficiently to run the school smoothly while enabling the school with enhanced data security. And eventually, together these things boost the productivity of the school and assist them to reach their goals.β€― 


Who can use the school management system?


The school management system accelerates the seamless management of school data by simplifying and automating complex procedures. This system mainly focuses on providing accurate data collection and organizing formulas. 

The entire school management system software is devoted to meeting the unique needs of the schools and is very much essential for K 12 schools.  

All the functionalities of the system are carefully designed to offer you the best possible solution for your organization. Additionally, this system will replace the old manual process and save more cost, resources, and time for your organization. Thus, the crucial data is accessed with more efficiency and prominence. So, it is the perfect way to get rid of the tiresome data add process. 


School management system software modules 

The school management system has several modules which serve different purposes of the schools. All the modules are developed with care to enable the organization to solve issues and achieve its coveted goals. Let’s discuss a few effective school management software modules. 

πŸ‘ Attendance Module 

Taking attendance with the school management system is quick and efficient. It provides the school with the most correct attendance record process. Admin or teacher can mark daily attendance, events, or exam attendance without any hustle. Additionally, it is easier to find out the student presence and absence percentage with the system. 

πŸ‘ Id Card Generation: 


Generating the Id card for students is effective and smooth using the system. The admin does not need to spend more hours to generate it as the system is effective enough to collect the data and generate the Id card without any inconvenience.

πŸ‘ Report Card Builder:


The school management software system enables the school to take exams and publish the result and report cards easily. You can select the required fields to generate the report card once the grading is completed by the concerned teacher for any subject or assignment. Once the report card is generated, you can publish or download it smoothly. 

πŸ‘ Fees Management: 

Another effective functionality of the school management system is it can manage fees without facing any issues. Schools can trust the system to create and collect fees easily. With the automated transaction process, it will hardly take a few moments for the parents to clear the payment. Additionally, the school management can efficiently track the pending and failed fees. The system helps you to avoid any mistakes while collecting fees. Further, the system works effortlessly to generate invoices and fee reports and can communicate with parents regarding the due payments. 


πŸ‘ Scheduling: 

Scheduling can be tedious work for any organization. However, with the school management software, it is easier and effortless. Schools can create subject and subject parts and schedule students and assign teachers using the scheduling modules. Additionally, adding the occurrence also takes less time to complete. Further, schools can generate reports for scheduling efficiently. 

πŸ‘ Transport Management:  

Another trait of the school management system is it can provide transport facilities to students and staff of the schools. Both parents and admin can request transport service for the student and staff can do it by themselves. The software works endlessly to keep track of the vehicle through the transport module. In addition, the school admin can get the live location of the transport as the GPS system is enabled for the vehicles. And needless to say, this ensures more safety and security for the students and staff, and vehicles can avoid casualties. 

πŸ‘ Communication Module: 

Communication is an effective module ensured by the school management system. This ties up the entire school community in a healthy and open connection. Parents, students, staff, and admin in all roles can communicate easily using the provided communication facilities. This ensures it works like a bridge to remove the lack of communication gap between different roles. 


Advantages of school management system software 

The school management software is bestowed with several effective modules that are specially developed to help schools in reaching their academic goals. With this system, the entire admission procedure is simplified and easier from both the school and student end and leaves you with the best kind of experience only. 

Managing and organizing data is easy with the system and it makes the admin job interesting by replacing the old manual process with the digital data add procedure. With this right kind of advanced tool, schools can access student data faster. The school management system enhances data security and protects it from leakage and malfunctions. Additionally, the automation process removes administrative burdens and encourages productivity, and this helps the school to focus more on its goals. The system is focused on enabling students to have success with the best academic process. And schools can also experience their dreams coming into reality.β€―β€― 


Advantages of MarkersPro school management system software 

MarkersPro school management system software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that intends to help schools to run efficiently. This comprehensive solution is designed to manage the K 12 schools dedicatedly. This advanced technology provides schools with a future-ready platform that is effective in running school successfully. 

MarkersPro has several modules to solve different purposes of the schools. Additionally, there are a few customized modules that are entirely focused to meet the special requirements of the schools. This ensures that the student data is more exclusive and private. 

Further, the MarkersPro school management system is effective in collecting and organizing vital student data. The system allows schools to go digital and omit the old manual process while collecting and storing data. 


The MarkersPro school management software system is easy to set up and use. This advanced technology enables the school management to create and add any data effortlessly and without any inconvenience or interruption. The system functions flawlessly in storing data and avoids any errors like duplication of sensitive student data. Further, parents, students, and staff can use the system hustle-free. Teachers can create assignments and grade students and students can attend tasks and communicate, and parents can easily track the academic progress of their child and inquire about anything. 

Cloud-Based School Management System

The MarkersPro school management system is a cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. And this aids the system to ensure more privacy in collecting and storing student data and reliability. This future-ready platform provides schools to meet their needs and thus ensures more opportunities in fulfilling customer demand. 

Role-Based Access

Another trait of the MarkersPro school management software system is it has a multi-user facility. It allows admin, parents, students, and staff to access the system with more efficiency. This enables the school roles to stay connected and access the system better. All the users will have their unique id and password through which they can log in. They will have to change password facilities as well. This ensures their application security and active participation in using the system.

 Single Mobile App

MarkersPro school management software is a single application that avoids the involvement of any other app. Further Admin, staff, students, and parents are also provided with a mobile application to access various features and view information. 

Data Security 

One of the striking features of the MarkersPro system is it provides data security. Nowadays, data security is the main concern of schools but with MarkersPro, your data can be secured. The system works day and night to protect your important student data with more assurance. Additionally, data encryption will ensure more privacy. Further, using the Role-Based Access System (RBAC), schools can grant limited access to data. Thus, the system allows only grated access and prevents unauthorized access to your sensitive data. 


The communication module is one of the key features which assists the admin, staff, students, and parents to communicate better and seamlessly. The SMS, messages, and email integration functionalities will aid the school community to stay connected. Thus, promoting better connectivity. Additionally, the admin can post any announcements using the module and all the roles will get notified for that easily. 

To conclude, the school management system is an advanced technology that intends to help schools to manage it without any inconvenience. MarkersPro school management software system is apt for conducting administrative work efficiently. This system works endlessly to provide you with the best experience and achieve your dream.β€―