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Why MarkersPro School Management Platform?

Aug 04. 2023
Why MarkersPro School Management Platform?
School Management System SIS CORE

Markerspro school management system is a cloud-based school management system to automate and streamline all processes on a single platform with specialized modules to meet your needs. Sis integrated LMS markerspro novus platform provides an online teaching-learning tool that allows better student engagement functionality, attendance, screen sharing, file sharing, assessment, recording, etc. 

Easy To Use Our platform is a transactional web application that does not perform any bandwidth-intensive streaming or multimedia operations that would require significant network capabilities on your end. 

MarkersPro is designed as a browser-independent resource for efficient interaction and communication. It enables students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to access up-to-date information and services 24/7. 

MarkersPro Have Hundreds of features 

MarkersPro is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform built using a modern user interface and API architecture that is hosted in the cloud. With our SaaS platform, you get 99.9% uptime reliability, unlimited and cost-effective scaling, easy integration capabilities, and assured data security through compliance with SOC 2, FERPA, and HIPP standards. 

Additional Features  

MarkersPro school management system user interface is an experience in itself. All the modules are interrelated yet independent. Some of the salient features of MarkersPro Software are:

    • Zero Maintenance required: MarkersPro is a SaaS, so no technical steps are required after receiving a new release.  
    • Personalized and role-based access: We support single sign-on using Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, and SAML Federation.  
    • Budget-friendly: We bring the best solution at the lowest and most affordable cost.  
    • Flexible deployment and functionality: Our modules are amazingly simple for novice users. You can easily roll out new functionality and features as you are ready.  

Performance and scalability are built into the core of our platform’s design, development, and operation. Our application services are built using a microservice architecture that is built to be cloud-native and highly scalable. 


For Management 

    • Automated Administrative Tasks: School management software can automate various administrative tasks such as student admissions, registration, attendance tracking, timetable creation, and fee management. This reduces the manual workload for administrators, freeing up their time for more critical tasks. 
    • Centralized Data Management: The software provides a centralized database for storing and managing student information, staff records, academic performance, and other essential data. This ensures that data is organized, secure, and easily accessible when needed. 
    • Improved Communication: School management software often includes communication features, such as SMS and email notifications, enabling administrators to send announcements, updates, and reminders to parents, students, and staff quickly and efficiently. 
    • Efficient Reporting and Analytics: School administrators can generate various reports and analytics to assess student performance, attendance trends, and other key metrics. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions for academic improvements. 
    • Online Payment Integration: Many school management systems support online fee payment, making the fee collection process more convenient for both parents and the school. 
    • Resource Management: It assists in managing school resources such as classrooms, labs, and equipment, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing scheduling conflicts. 
    • Customization and Scalability: School management software can be customized to meet the specific needs of an educational institution and can often scale with the growth of the school. 
    • Streamlined Examination and Grading: It simplifies the examination and grading process, allowing for faster result generation and report card preparation. 

For Teachers 

    • Efficient Attendance Management: School management software simplifies the process of taking attendance, reducing paperwork and time spent on manual record-keeping. It allows teachers to mark attendance digitally and enables real-time tracking of student attendance. 
    • Gradebook and Assessment Management: Teachers can manage and update student grades easily using the software's gradebook feature. It streamlines the grading process and allows teachers to provide feedback to students and parents on academic performance. 
    • Lesson Planning and Timetable Management: The software often includes tools to create and manage lesson plans and timetables. Teachers can access their schedules, plan lessons, and keep track of upcoming events and tasks. 
    • Communication with Parents and Students: School management software often offers communication features that allow teachers to send announcements, messages, and progress reports to parents and students, fostering better parent-teacher communication. 
    • Access to Student Information: Teachers can quickly access student profiles, academic records, and attendance history, helping them better understand individual student needs and tailor their teaching approach accordingly. 
    • Online Assignments and Submissions: The software may facilitate the distribution and submission of assignments digitally, reducing paperwork and providing a more convenient way for teachers and students to manage coursework. 
    • Classroom Collaboration: Certain school management systems include features that promote collaboration within the classroom. For example, teachers can create discussion forums or group activities to encourage student engagement. 

For Students: 

    • Online Assignments and Submissions: Students can receive and submit assignments online, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and providing a more convenient way to manage coursework. 
    • Self-Tracking Academic Performance: Students can view their grades and academic progress in real-time, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and set academic goals. 
    • Attendance Tracking: Students can monitor their attendance records to ensure they meet the required attendance criteria and take necessary actions if they miss any classes. 
    • Easy Fee Payment: Many school management systems support online fee payment, allowing students to pay their fees securely and conveniently. 
    • Interactive Learning Features: Certain school management software includes interactive learning tools, quizzes, and gamified elements that make learning more engaging and enjoyable for students. 
    • Performance Analysis: The software's analytics capabilities can provide students with insights into their academic performance, helping them track progress and take corrective actions if needed. 

MarkersPro School Management significantly contributes to the overall success and efficiency of a school. It can streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, improve teaching methods, and empower students to take control of their learning. When choosing school management software, it's essential to consider the specific needs and goals of the institution to ensure that it aligns perfectly with its requirements.