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What Are the Benefits of Using a MarkersPro Transport System for Your School

Jul 14. 2023
What Are the Benefits of Using a MarkersPro Transport System for Your School
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An effective transportation system supports the growth and success of a school. With a unified and smooth system, the school’s transport service is effortless, safe, and secure for students and staff.  


MarkersPro, as an innovative software solution, has revolutionized schoolwork, making the work faster and better. With this software, schools can utilize transport systems for students and staff that ensure an easy and convenient life. 


MarkersPro school transport management system allows school administrators to add route details for staff and students and track vehicles to manage efficiently. School admin can approve or decline student or staff transport details and take attendance for security purposes. 


Additionally, schools get to generate and download several transport-related reports that keep the admin informed and help take necessary steps. This software solution ensures a safe and hassle-free experience for the entire school community. 


Let’s explore what are the prime features of the MarkersPro transport system. 


Seamless Transport Setup 

MarkersPro helps schools by adding a few basic steps to ensure a smooth transport facility for both the staff and students. With this school transport management software, the admin can add slabs, routes, bus stops, and vehicles for an effective transport arrangement ensuring transport service has fulfilled all the needs. 


Additionally, this software enables the admin to add transport staff by selecting the role, job type, start and end date, working days, and a few more fields which ultimately leads to more convenient and quick service. 


Manage Transport Requests 

With the MarkersPro school transport management system, transport requests are quick, smooth, and straightforward. This software solution has revolutionized the student and staff transport request process, making it effortless through a few simple steps. 


MarkersPro enables school administrators to place individual and multiple student and staff transport requests quickly and can approve them individually or in bulk. This software encourages effective workflow for the school while removing the manual request placement and approval procedure. 


Add Route Details 

Having MarkersPro involves an easy and quick process to add route details for students and staff. This software provides flexibility to admin while mapping the detailed route for pick up and drop station of students and staff while keeping track of the vehicle. By utilizing this solution, schools ensure a smooth, convenient, and hassle-free experience. 


Take Attendance 

The transport attendance functionality of MarkersPro school transport management software 

ensures more safety and security for the students. Utilizing this software, the admin can track down the student’s attendance ratio and be aware of any slight changes and take necessary steps to prevent any further issues. 


Vehicle Log 

MarkersPro engages schools to add vehicle logs effortlessly. This software maximizes the potentiality by allowing schools to add trip type, vehicle route, date, start and end time. Additionally, the solution enables schools to select the primary and secondary driver and conductor for the vehicle ensuing a monitored vehicle. 


Skip Student Attendance 

The skip student attendance is a striking feature of the MarkersPro school transport management system enabling both parents and school admin to add skip attendance functionality for the selected student. The school admin mentions skipping attendance for pick-up or drop service and selects the requesting guardian and adds the reason for skipping.   


Transport Report Generation 

Having MarkersPro school transport management software ensures more secure and uniform work progress. This solution allows school administrators to download transport reports like route-wise summary reports, route-wise collection, sibling transport reports, vehicle capacity, class-wise route strength, and more by filtering out the fields and generating and downloading them. By utilizing these reports, the admin can stay alert and take the required steps to avoid any issues. 


In conclusion, the MarkersPro school transport management system has revolutionized the transport facility of the school by streamlining the process and eliminating hurdles. With the smart features of this school transport management software, now, schools can manage their transport service quickly and smoothly while having a more unified and hassle-free experience and bringing transformation.