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Build A Strong Staff Community with MarkersPro Staff Management Module

Jul 28. 2023
Build A Strong Staff Community with MarkersPro Staff Management Module
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The staff plays a crucial role in improving the school's growth and nurturing the young minds of the students. Schools require an advanced system to efficiently handle staff data and other facilities, and MarkersPro staff management provides the perfect solution for them. 

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, MarkersPro staff management intends to help schools manage their staff information while taking care of leave requests, attendance functionality, event creation, adding personal credentials, and more. With this robust software, schools are empowered with better and effortless staff management. 

Let’s learn how our MarkersPro can aid schools to build a strong staff community and streamline the schoolwork more than ever. 

Manage Staff Information 

MarkersPro's school staff management system accelerates schools to add staff details in one centralized place. This future-ready platform assists schools in collecting and storing vital staff data, such as general info, employment info, staff contact, education, school role assignment, personal documents, staff credentials, experience, and more, in detail with minimal steps. 

Further, accessing staff information is faster and simpler with our MarkersPro as the admin can navigate the staff list and view the information for all the staff there. And in case of need, the admin can edit that information and delist the staff from the school system. 

Access Custom Fields 

MarkersPro's teacher management system empowers school administrators to create custom fields designed to collect and save exclusive staff information. This cutting-edge software equips the admin to create custom groups and custom fields under them, making it easy to record and access vital information for different staff categories. 

Additionally, the school admin can edit the publication status of the custom fields efficiently ensuring a better and quicker experience. 

Create Job Category and Job 

Through the implementation of MarkersPro, school administrators gain seamless access to creating staff job categories and defining school roles under each existing category. The online teacher management system allows the admin to select the pre-defined system role while adding the job category and enter the title, description and required educational qualifications when generating a new job under that category. 

Create Events and Meetings 

MarkersPro ensures a simple yet effective event and meeting creation process for the staff. Staff can create multiple class events, official or personal meetings according to their calendar schedules. They need to schedule meetings or events by entering the title, type, start date and time, and end date and time, while mentioning whether it's a full-day or half-day event. MarkersPro enables staff to invite students or other staff to join a meeting or virtual class using the calendar link. 

Monitor Leaves 

Managing leaves with our MarkersPro school staff management system is no longer a hassle. MarkersPro allows staff to apply for a full day or partial day of leave and monitor the leave request status, mentioning the person responsible will take charge in their absence. Once a leave is requested, staff are required to wait for the admin's approval or decline of the leave. Moreover, staff can edit, view, discard, or cancel the leave request. 

Verify and Approve Documents 

MarkersPro ensures a streamlined document verification and approval process for the staff. The cutting-edge software allows the admin to verify, approve, or decline the educational, personal, and credential documents submitted by the staff. School administrators are required to select the staff, verify, and then approve or decline the documents, which takes minimal time. 

Design and Generate ID Cards 

The teacher management system assists school admin in personalizing and efficiently generating ID cards for the staff. For card designing, the admin needs to select the card type and size and upload any preferred template while selecting the school and staff details, and then generate the ID for the staff. 

To summarize, MarkersPro's online teacher management system is a simple yet efficient software for managing staff details hassle-free. This software is powered by an advanced cloud system, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and strong staff community that fosters school growth and maintains a healthy environment for the staff