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Manage School Staff with MarkersPro Student Information System

Mar 24. 2023
Manage School Staff with MarkersPro Student Information System
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Schools are the backbone of our society, and the school staff is the lifeblood that keeps them running. To manage the staff’s data and day-to-day activities, schools need a quick and easy-to-use solution. 


With MarkersPro School Information System (SIS), administrators can track and manage staff information, such as contact information, qualifications, and performance, in an organized and secure manner. It also provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Additionally, our solution offers customizable reports and analytics to help the school better. 

Let’s explore how the MarkersPro student information system helps schools to manage school staff. 


Seamless Add Staff  

MarkersPro student information system ensures a smooth and effortless path to adding staff to the school system. The system allows school administrators to record detailed information about the staff, such as general info, employment info, education, staff contact, school role assignment, personal document, experience, and staff credentials in one centralized place.  


Custom Field 

School administrators can use custom fields to store exclusive information about their staff members. This feature allows administrators to create custom fields and assign them to different categories, store and manage important information about their staff members in an organized and efficient manner. This feature can help administrators better manage their staff and ensure all relevant information is easily accessible. 


Smooth Events Creation 

Creating events is now easier than ever with the MarkersPro student information system. The system provides staff with a streamlined process to create meetings or events with just a few clicks. Staff can select the date, enter the event details, such as the title, description, location, and any custom fields, and then schedule the meeting or event and send invitations to others to join.  


Manage Leave Request 

MarkersPro student information system makes leave request management much easier. Staff can apply for full or partial day leave with ease. The staff can seamlessly review, edit, and cancel the applied leave. They can also monitor the status of their leave request and mention the handover staff who will take responsibility for their absence. The school administrator can view the leave request of the staff and approve or decline it using the Leave Requests functionality.  


Attendance Functionality 

The Attendance functionality is designed to make it easier for school administrators and staff to view attendance records. It allows users to select a date range, period, subject group, subject, and subject assignment to view attendance for the specified fields.  


Additionally, it can be used to generate reports and track attendance over time, helping to ensure that staff attends classes regularly. 


Manage Notifications 

MarkersPro student information system maintains transparency of the school staff by helping school administrators to verify the documents and certifications of the employees. School admin can review and approve those documents submitted by the staff easily. Additionally, the admin can view the holiday list details through the Holiday List Publication feature. 


Design and Generate ID 

MarkersPro student information system makes it easy for school administrators to customize the design and generate staff IDs. All they need to do is select the card type and card size, enter school details, select the staff name, and generate the ID. The school administrator can also preview the ID card before generating it. 


In a nutshell, MarkersPro is an all-in-one school management system designed to help school administrators manage their staff more efficiently. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the staff management process by offering attendance tracking, leave management, and employee self-service. With MarkersPro, school administrators can easily manage their staff, ensuring that they are well-equipped to meet the needs of their students.