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Assessment Made Easy with MarkersPro Student Assessment System

Feb 17. 2023
Assessment Made Easy with MarkersPro Student Assessment System
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Managing assessment-related work can be difficult and time-consuming for schools. To make this process easier, schools need an advanced tool to help them with tasks such as result and report card generation, progress report card creation, transcripts, assessment grading, assignment and homework assessment, etc. MarkersPro student assessment system is the perfect solution for this, providing schools with an efficient way to manage all these critical tasks. 

MarkersPro is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed to make managing schoolwork easier and more efficient. This advanced system is an ideal solution for K12 schools, streamlining workflow without compromising convenience. Furthermore, the MarkersPro student assessment system ensures the highest quality of assessment results for schools. 

Let’s see how the MarkersPro student assessment system can make the entire assessment work easier. 

πŸ‘ Smooth Assignment & Homework 

MarkersPro student assessment system provides schools with a straightforward and convenient way to create and modify assignments and homework for any subject. Both school administrators and teachers can create assignments or quiz assignments and upload any necessary files, allowing students to easily complete them. 

MarkersPro makes creating homework easy. School admins and teachers can easily upload files and set assigned dates, due dates, and cutoff dates. Students can submit their assignments and homework with ease, and teachers can assess them and add comments to help the students improve. 

πŸ‘ GPA Calculation & Result Publication 

The MarkersPro student assessment system makes it easy to calculate GPA and rank, as well as maintain student GPA/rank. Schools can quickly and easily filter out the fields to get an instant GPA calculation. Additionally, the system provides accurate rank calculations, which can help track students' academic progress.

πŸ‘ Seamless Report Card & Transcript 

The MarkersPro assessment system makes it simple to generate and publish report cards and transcripts. Schools can use the filter options to search for the report cards they want to generate, and then generate, download, and publish them. The same process applies to progress report cards. 

Schools can easily generate and publish transcripts and view them using the view icon. If necessary, they can also delete multiple transcripts at once using the Transcript Mass Delete feature. 

πŸ‘ Assessment Rubric Functionality 

Schools often have difficulty with assessment rubrics, but with the system, the process is made easier. An assessment rubric is used to indicate the criteria for success for any given assignment. The system helps schools to create rubrics for any subject by selecting the subject group, subject, and title of the rubric, and then adding the criteria for that rubric. 

πŸ‘ Seamless Report Generate 

MarkersPro makes it easy for schools to generate reports for various assessment functions. Schools can quickly and easily generate reports by selecting the necessary filters with just a few clicks. 

MarkersPro student assessment software is designed to simplify the assessment process for schools with just a few clicks. It is an efficient system that helps schools manage their assessment work and reach their goals.