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Transforming Education with Features of MarkersPro Student Information System

Jun 09. 2023
Transforming Education with Features of MarkersPro Student Information System
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A well-equipped school management system is crucial for determining the success of a school. This not only ensures better school management but also encourages students’ academic progress and achievement. Identifying the key elements for an effective school setup can be challenging for a school administrator. Fortunately, you can rely on MarkersPro's expertise in this area. 

MarkersPro is an innovative software solution that revolutionizes the establishment and management of schools, paving the way for enhanced academic environments. It is the best school management software to foster the school workflow by eliminating the manual process and ushers a new path.  

Let's explore the key features that MarkersPro offers for school setup: 

Create a Session and Marking Period 

The sessions and marking periods are crucial aspects to determine the academic year and scheduling terms. MarkersPro provides the ability to create sessions and marking periods for schools, offering valuable features for school administrators. 

With MarkersPro, school administrators can enter the necessary details to create active or provisional sessions. Provisional sessions are particularly significant for initiating the next academic year. 

The marking periods can be customized with relevant information and can be enabled for grading, scheduling, exams, and teacher comments. This functionality plays a vital role in tracking and evaluating the academic progress of the school. 

School Custom Fields 

Custom fields in MarkersPro allow school administrators to incorporate personalized information for various school purposes.  

Administrators can create custom fields for general information, designators, and accreditations, among other relevant categories to include more tailored information according to the specific requirements and present a more detailed and accurate representation of the school. 

Define School Roles 

As the best school management software, MarkersPro is devoted to easy school role management. With this prime feature, school administrators can create additional school roles apart from existing roles like HR, counselor, support staff, manager, and more. These additional school roles can help in fulfilling school activities and responsibilities. 

Moreover, it enables the school admin to clone the existing roles by entering the title, role type, clone from, and active field and gives special access as per the role. 

Manage Events and Holiday 

MarkersPro encourages schools to create and manage school calendars for any event and activities. Schools can customize and add events or activities as per their need. To organize any event or activities in schools, the admin can select the date, enter the event details, and create it, which will be reflected in student, parents, and staff calendar notifications. 

Additionally, calendar crisis features help schools to inform the entire school community in case any unforeseen incidents happen in school by following the bare minimum steps. Likewise, with holiday management, the admin can create or manage any holiday notice for the school which reflects the holiday list. 

Determine Student Progress 

With the best school management software schools can evaluate a student’s academic achievement and determine where the student is lagging and allowing them to rectify those lags.  

MarkersPro grade scale setting, exam grading, and GPA calculation can be used to decide the performance and academic progress of the student which ultimately denotes the rank in the class. You can define GPA based on the course credit attempted or weight value. 

Seamless Rollover 

Adding or arranging data for the next school year is no longer hectic with MarkersPro as this software can transfer all the associated data of school, course, transportation, and billing from the current year to the next academic year. And this can be done by selecting the school, course, transportation, and billing fields and rollover as this is the simplest yet smart way to transfer all the data without losing it. This eliminates the workload and prepares the school for the following year. 

School Control Panel 

The school control panel in MarkersPro empowers school administrators to efficiently manage and set up crucial features for the school. By selecting specific fields, administrators can customize and control various aspects of school operations. 

Some essential features that can be managed and set up through the school control panel include roll no and admission no setup, fee receipt setup, TC no setup, Student and staff identifiers, student, and staff/person name display.  

In conclusion, the features represent fundamental functionalities for establishing an effective school, and MarkersPro excels in providing these capabilities. With our best school management software, MarkersPro, schools can create, manage, and organize various school-related features. By leveraging the power of MarkersPro, schools can enhance their academic progress, thrive in their educational endeavors, and ultimately achieve their desired goals.