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What is a Student Information System (SIS)

Jan 06. 2023
What is a Student Information System (SIS)
Student Information System SIS CORE

The shift and complete change in the education industry over the past few years is noteworthy. With this change, the launch of comprehensive learning technology has become more obvious. The Student Information System (SIS) is the right amalgamation of various features designed to meet educational institutes' needs.  

The Student Information System solution is primarily staunch to serve as the epitome of your institute. This system works to improve the internal functionality of the school along with the upliftment of the objective and vision of the school.  

This transforming system is an integral part of any school management system that can easily turn complicated data into a set of knowledge and can streamline the entire school process efficiently. Additionally, the system's diversity is very apparent through its exclusive, organized features.  

What is a Student Information System (SIS) user for?  

A Student Information System (SIS) is a cloud-based software that intends to bring a comprehensive change in K 12 school management. This advanced system is specifically formulated and operated as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The prime purpose of this system is to enable educational institutes to collect and store student data digitally by excluding manual processes.


Further, the Student Information System is entirely devoted to providing a future-ready platform that assists in organizing and managing the school with more clarity. On top of that, this system takes utmost care of the needs of the schools, admins, teachers, staff, and students by providing them with exact information related to the school. Additionally, SIS allows them to communicate seamlessly.  

How does a Student Information System work?

The Student Information System is designed to streamline the school's functionality in an advanced platform. All the modules are specially outlined to meet the unique needs of the schools.

This system ensures a smooth admission precisely the registration process. Students/Parents can register using their email Id and authentication code and proceed with the application form of the school. Additionally, the Student Information System enables schools to save critical student data online with enhanced protection and security.  


The scheduling process is better for any class with SIS. School management can create an appropriate timetable using the student schedule functionality without any inconvenience. Schools can take daily, mass, or missing attendance for both the students and staff online.


Student Information Systems are focused on providing a better experience in assessing students also. Schools can create assessments for admission examinations and assess students. Further, the Assignment and Homework module allows teachers to provide any assignment and homework to the students and assess them on that basis. The Question Bank module enables the teachers to create questions for assessing students with more clarity.  


How do student information system features assist school tasks and processes?  

The Student Information System assists schools to run smoothly and handle their critical student data efficiently. This advanced technology works endlessly to provide an incredible solution for schools to have a future-ready platform with some customizable modules. All the modules include vital information that intends to create a wholesome school management system. 

This system aids the admin to manage school, teachers to take attendance and assess students, staff, and students to complete any tasks without any hustle. The system supports academic progress and helps students to have bright careers.  

The School module enables the creation of all the school functions for school administrators. The system adds the sessions, marking periods, rooms, periods, classes and sections, departments, school roles, grade scale, GPA, and calendar functionalities important to run the school. 

The system aids in adding critical student data through the student module to support the academic experience of students. The student module includes student general information, enrollment, and student contact information. Further, health screening, health visits, and health incidents are to promote students’ well-being. The system also allows us to upload student documents, design and generate ID cards, and several student information reports. Additionally, student custom fields are there to add more customized information related to the student.  

The Staff module offers to add all the important information related to the staff members of the school. The system allows the addition of job roles and assigning teachers to various subjects. Staff can request and get notifications regarding any applied leave and track them. My calendar and My attendance functionalities allow them to view their schedule and attendance.   


The Course module allows the addition of different courses, subjects, and subject assignments that the school offers to the students for that academic year. Here, the system aids schools to add the subject parts, study material for the subject, and occurrence and study material for the subject assignment. Further, scheduled students and assigned teachers will get displayed from here.   


The Schedule module helps the school to schedule students in classes for any specific subject, subject group, or subject part. Both the school administrator and students can request the schedule. Individual student schedule and mass student schedule help to schedule students for any subject efficiently. Further, schools can drop out students using the mass student drop. Teacher reassignment and report enable the school administrator to assign teachers again and generate reports regarding the scheduling.    


The Attendance enables the school administrator to take and track attendance options. Student Attendance aids the school admin and the teacher to take section-wise, period-wise, exam, mass, or daily student attendance. Staff Attendance enables the admin and the teacher to give attendance. School admin can take attendance for events, set up codes, and generate attendance-related reports.   


The Assessment module assists school management to have a complete track record of student performance. Through assessment functionality, teachers can create assignments and assess students easily. The mark entry form functionality allows teachers to enter and calculate grades and post grades along with the teacher comments. Further, the school administrators can generate and publish report cards once the teacher finishes grading. Additionally, schools can generate and publish progress report cards and transcripts. Adding an assessment rubric to view the achievements of the students and generating reports for assessment is effortless with SIS.  


The Communication module allows admin, staff, students, and parents to connect seamlessly. This module provides the facility to communicate across the school. Connecting through emails, messages, and SMS is easier and smooth. This functionality enables sending emails, messages, and SMS individually, and role-based. Further, school administrators can create any important school announcements and they will be displayed to the school.  


Benefits of using a Student Information System  

The Student Information System ensures a proper school setup and innovative school management system. This system enables schools to collect data online which certainly saves more time for the school. The system is mainly devoted to providing schools with the topmost experience and takes utmost care of the student data and prevents any duplication of student data.   


Additionally, the student information system offers a transportation management system that aids staff and students to avail school transport easily. With the Student Information System, schools can create and collect payments through billing and run the school with more efficiency and smoothly. Further, the system allows to report any incident and the school can maintain discipline easily.   


The repetitive functions and procedures can be tiresome, and the Student Information System enables excluding these repetitive tasks. The system promotes the automation process by omitting old time-taking procedures of the schools. This certainly facilitates the school to be more active and productive in several operations of the school. In addition, the student admission process runs smoothly which disables time-consuming functions.  

Role-Based Access Control


The Student Information System protects vital student data and permits only limited access to the data. In fact, it only enables access to student data to a higher authority. Further, this system offers Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality through which school administrators can allow access to required persons only. Additionally, admins can give permission to view, edit/add, and delete information regarding selected functions to teachers, students, and parents.   

360 Dashboard


The Student Information System enables students to access their important data without any hustle. They can easily view their scheduled classes, assigned assignments, homework, and updated grades regarding their academic progress. Further, they are enabled to view important school announcements, attendance details, and details through the My 360 view functionality.   

Data Security


Providing data security is a striking benefit of the Student Information System and the prime concern of the system is to protect crucial data. As mentioned, this system will allow limited access to data, only authorized profiles will get to view those sensitive student data. As it enables only limited access to important data, privacy is maintained

Better Communication  


Enabling a better communication system is the key to progress, maintaining academic integrity, and having a healthy connection across the school. The system allows us to reach out to all using email, SMS, and message functionality. Admin can initiate any conversation with the staff related to any school requirement that certainly promotes a healthy and open connection. Additionally, the system works like a bridge between the school administrator and its staff.   

The Student Information System provides an advanced solution that can compile student data digitally. It promotes omitting the old manual or conventional process to collect student data. As the data gets updated online, school management can easily avoid mistakes while collecting data and avoid duplication of data. Further, the system assists in storing data instantly which surely saves more time and helps to avoid any delay.   


In a nutshell, the Student Information System adds the perfect amalgamation of functionalities that works to run the school system without any inconvenience. However, choosing a comprehensive SIS is a difficult job. An advanced technology-hosted, reliable, and secure student information system is perfect that comes with automation, user-friendliness, and cost-friendliness. Therefore, before choosing any Student Information System, ensure to check out the aforesaid features.